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Integrated Crop Management

Good Plant Health Management is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the factors which affect pests, diseases and physiology of the crop. These in turn determine the yield and quality of crops.

Farm profitability must go hand in hand with sustainability and care for the environment. It is only through an integrated approach and an understanding of the demands of the market place that we can hope to achieve the right balance.

Dr Paul Gans has studied nematodes, fungi, bacteria, virus as well as the physiological factors which affect the potato crop over many years. He has conducted variety pest and disease resistance trials, diagnostic tests, pesticide efficacy trials and related R&D.

Improved Potato Yields and Quality through sourcing the best seed crops

  • Expert inspection of seed crops in the field, store and on delivery
  • Truly independent information gathering on behalf of the ware grower

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Learn about the latest developments in potato plant health management

  • A series of seminars in Cambridge
  • Bespoke in-house courses

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Other Services

  • Diagnostic advice
  • R & D support and trials coordination
  • Specialist reports

e-mail Paul Gans for more information
or phone on 01223 212496

Paul Gans is a member of:

British Society for Plant Pathology
Association of Applied Biologists
European Association for Potato Research

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