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Paul Gans grew up in the Netherlands and after secondary school came to Aberdeen to study Agriculture. His training brought him into contact with farming in the North East of Scotland and when he expressed an interest in Plant Pathology he became soon immersed in problems of seed potatoes. He stayed on to do an MSc degree in Plant Pathology and he submitted a thesis on wound healing and gangrene, a disease which at the time was causing serious losses to seed producers in Scotland.  He continued this theme through his research at Rothamsted on the biochemistry of wound healing and resistance to gangrene.

During his career as Potato Pathologist at NIAB the wide ranging variety testing program made him familiar with pathogens ranging from virus to potato cyst nematodes in the laboratory and the field. He introduced new tests for resistance to blackleg, powdery scab, black scurf, silver scurf and black dot. He obtained his PhD at Imperial College through a study of how it might be possible to reduce fungicides for blight control using resistant varieties. For many years he had oversight of the potato diagnostic lab, where seed was tested for virus and other pathogens, He was also responsible for fungicide efficacy trials and involved in a range of related R&D projects.  He got to know many of his colleagues in the industry as a result of the courses at NIAB, in which he taught the basics of managing plant diseases and pests.                   

In 2005 he started his own consultancy based on his extensive scientific knowledge and understanding of the industry he has worked with over the years. This has brought him in far greater direct contact with farm crops and farm enterprises. Paul is secretary to the Potato Council Crop Protection Treater Group.

Call Dr Paul Gans on 01223 212496 or e-mail for more information.

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